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        DN-X600 2ch Digital DJ Mixer, w/MIDI & Sound Card

        The Denon DN-X600 is a highly spec’d 2-channel performance mixer, optimised for both traditional vinyl techniques and the latest digital media and computer DJ systems, that offers levels of technology and performance comparable with Denon’s flagship 4-channel models. Solid steel chassis construction, professional grade components and powerful USB MIDI capabilities make this a robust gigging tool, equally at home in the booth or the studio.

        Best in class signal path components, controls, processing and control features include many derived directly from Denon’s flagship DN-X1700 and DN-X1600 mixers. Ensuring the highest quality audio performance, the DN-X600’s internal sound card is a 4 x stereo in / 4 x stereo out 24-bit / 96kHz USB 2.0 Audio Interface, while the mixer’s audio output is via a whopping 32-bit DAC. The mixer’s vinyl credentials include a proprietary phono amp design with a signal-to-noise performance equivalent to that of the company’s top end hi-fi amplifiers; just as highly spec’d are the ultra-clean mic amp and high output headphone amp.

        32-bit Floating Point DSP provides the mixer with powerful signal processing capabilities. 3-band channel EQ includes full kill on each band. On-board EFX include Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Reverb, Loop, Beat Scratch and BeatBreaker, and the dedicated EFX section features ON/OFF, Dry-Wet mix and independent send assignment (Ch/Mic/Master). A powerful two-way EFX Parameter Filter, including Cross Over Frequency and Isolator (low pass filter/high pass filter) is included, as is a send/return control, for use with external effects.

        The cross fader is a 45-mm High Performance Flex Fader with tension adjustment and a unique 32-point contour adjustment (and Innofader-Pro compatibility). Channel faders are 45-mm custom Alps-type; also with contour adjustment.

        Extensive USB MIDI and audio interface and control capabilities enable use of the DN-X600 with the latest digital file library and DJ software solutions. The unit’s control surface is fully MIDI-mappable, including knobs, keys and buttons, and the DN-X600 can work with all current operating systems, including Mac® OSX 10.6.4 and 32/64-bit Windows systems (XP, Vista, or Windows 7); a low-latency 32/64-bit ASIO driver is included for PC use. The unit can operate with DVS direct mode for DJ applications using platter control signal operation. USB send/return routing is included for use with DJ software DSP effects such as TRAKTOR®, and USB MIDI Clock In BPM Detection can be used with TRAKTOR, Torq, Ableton, Cubase and more. The mixer’s firmware is upgradeable over USB.

        The I/O complement comprises two phono inputs, two line inputs and two AUX inputs, mic input, effects send/return, stereo output, USB send/return, booth out and balanced XLR master out.